In The Beginning


In the fall of 1989, Marc Dion was asked to coach the JV soccer team for his former high school which he had just graduated from the prior year.  Around the same time, he took a part-time position with United Parcel Service.  Both of these paths laid the groundwork for what would later become the Balanced Leadership Center.  During this time Marc grew as a leader at UPS and as a soccer coach.  Both of these experiences honed Marc's skill in the art of leadership and teamwork.  After UPS, Marc's passion led him an a twenty-seven year career journey as a leader in technology where he learned about all aspects of business. Meanwhile, his joy from athletics coaching continued too.  Over these years Marc coached everything from high school soccer and diving, youth swimming, soccer, softball and sometimes golf.  Whatever sport he or his children were into, that was what he was coaching.  Marc has coached over 20 soccer teams and 30 sports teams in the last 30 years.  Professionally Marc learned how to use coaching as a form of leadership in all of his roles.  

In 2013, Marc decided to hang up his technology leadership career and turned his passion toward starting a business.  The business idea was designed to help companies use a group hiring process instead of traditional resumes to screen applicants.  After nine months of trial and error, he realized this business model was not going to allow him to achieve his dreams, so he pivoted and began learning and growing a Business Coaching practice as an Associate with a veteran Business Coach.  

In the following three and a half years Marc learned a lot more about professional coaching, business development and general business best practices.  He worked with many great clients all around West Michigan.  He also learned that coaching was only the beginning of what he was called to achieve.  Through many hours of soul searching and listening to his inner voice, Marc realized that to truly honor his calling, he would have to part ways and begin his own company, the Balanced Leadership Center.  So in May of 2017, it began... 


Where we are today?


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The Balanced Leadership Center is a professional Leadership Development and Business Coaching service provider currently located on the outskirts of Grand Rapids, in Caledonia .  We help business owners, leaders, individuals  and large organizations like you, identify and achieve balance.  What that means is we help you identify your VISION, VALUES and PURPOSE.  From there, we weigh these elements against your current situation and strategies.  We help you begin to develop GOALS and PLANS for making your DREAMS a reality.  Balance is the process of coordinating your complex system to achieve stability while continually adjusting to change and outside influences.

We have a simple two step process.  First we have to get to know you individually to understand what you are hoping to accomplish and what's giving you challenges.  From here we can determine what balance looks like for you.  We build our entire coaching, training and growth plan from your foundation of HAPPINESS, HEALTH and HOPE.

HAPPINESS - occurs when you know your unique PURPOSE and serve using it.

HEALTH - is a feeling inside that comes from knowing and honoring your CORE VALUES.

HOPE - comes when you look forward to tomorrow, your VISION of the future.

This idea is the cornerstone to your success and of our coaching.  We help you get crystal clear on these things.  They form the foundation of your future and the language from which leadership begins.  From here, we help you learn the process of using these elements to grow yourself, your teams, your organization and the life of your dreams.  In addition, we develop your unique best practices and grow your understanding of leadership and development.  

If this sounds good to you,  give us a call and a chance to help transform your future.


Where we're going

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In the future...

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