Balanced Leadership Training Course Details


Questions to ask yourself about your leadership team

How valuable could it be to figure out now if a current leader will be successful instead of realizing at some point in the future that they are not?

How valuable would it be to have leaders who know how to prioritize and focus on their high payoff activities?

How valuable could it be to have everyone in your organization working on one goal with a plan and accountability to achieving that goal?

How valuable would it be to have a system to consistently hold your leaders accountable to achieving goals and results that are aligned to your organizations vision and goals? 


common Problems with leaders which this course will address

Many managers are promoted from the ranks, and often do not possess the knowledge or skills necessary to lead a team effectively.  In addition, they may not have known or understood what is involved in being a leader and therefore if this is what they really want to do.

We believe that most leadership training seminars/workshops don’t work.  They overwhelm the individual with lots of information in a short period of time and there’s no formal feedback loop.   Often you’re unsure what was learned/shared with your leader.  And when your leader goes back to the day-to-day demands of their position, this new information almost never gets implemented.

We believe that most mid-level managers are too busy working in the day to day business.  They are often overwhelmed and reacting to urgency rather than focusing on impact.  These managers have a hard time prioritizing and training their team to handle the issues that are escalated to them. They also have a hard time thinking strategically to proactively build systems that improve their operation.  In other words, they have become the bottle-neck!


We believe that the development of new habits and behaviors occurs over time. In order for your leadership to be truly transformed they need to practice, implement, and be held accountable to developing these skills, behaviors, and habits.

We believe that most paper based assessment tools do not thoroughly assess a leader’s skills or potential.  They lack the objective viewpoint, observation over time with standard performance activities, and human interaction to assess a leader’s ability.

Finally, we also believe that for most organizations the large investment for one-on-one training of management is difficult, and that a less expensive {group} approach is needed.


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Solution - balanced leadership group training course - the leadership and management process

We have developed a group training program for leaders who are looking to develop new skills, new habits, and transform themselves into more effective leaders in their organization.

course Details:

  • 8 bi-weekly group coaching sessions up to 2 hours in length.
  • 4 to 8 participants per group.
  • A group can be private consisting of leaders all from the same company or public consisting of leaders from different, non-competing companies.
  • 2 hour sessions are three fold in nature and very interactive.
    • Teaching of new concepts and skills.
    • Accountability to learning and practicing these skills.
    • Masterminding issues, challenges and opportunities.
  • Homework is assigned and expected to be done during the off week.
  • Coach conducts off-week phone calls to each participant to enhance understanding and success.
  • Coach meets with “ownership” twice during the program to ensure success and feedback.

Session Details

Cost: $2,250 Per Person

26 hours of leadership training.
Books, assessments, and participant workbook.
All forms, concepts and materials for future use.


Upcoming Training courses

Feb. 5 - May 14 (Mondays) 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
May 27 - June 19 (Tuesdays) 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.


Training takes place at the Balanced Leadership Center in Grand Rapids or at your office. Class sizes are limited to 4 - 8 participants.

Training can also be customized and offered onsite at client companies for large enough groups.

Class sizes are limited, register today to reserve your spot in an upcoming course!

For more information and to register, please contact Balanced Leadership Center: (616) 745-2831

Session 1 – Leadership and Management Process Introduction and Personal Time Management part one

After talking to countless business owners, leaders and managers we believe that leadership is the most overlooked and ill-defined process in most companies.  In this first session we look at five key principles to leadership and management.  With these five keys, most leaders will be equipped to tackle any project or problem they face.  In addition, we look at how to manage your most valuable resource and one simple solution to get better control of it.

Session 2 – Departmental Vision AND Personal Time Management part two

Vision is the number one key to success.  Having a clear written vision can increase your likelihood 

Session 3 –DiSC Workplace Assessment AND Role Based Accountability

Session 3

Session 4 –DiSC Work of Leaders AND SMART Goals

Session 4

Mid-program feedback session with Coach and owner(s)

Mid program feedback

Session 5 – Milestone AND Detailed Planning

Session 5

Session 6 –5 Dysfunctions of Team AND Team Alignment 

Session 6

Session 7 – Results Based Accountability AND Scorecards/Scoreboard  

Session 7

Session 8 – Results and Scorecard review AND Balanced Leadership Coaching’s Leveling Up.

Session 8

Completion feedback session with Coach, owner(s) and participant(s)

Final Session

heart beat monitor.jpeg

This program is ideal for:

  • Top leaders looking for inspiration, skills development or a new outlook on their leadership.
  • Leaders who are feeling overwhelmed and constantly fighting fires.
  • A newly promoted leader or a prospective leader being considered for promotion.
  • A leader who is not sure that their current role is really what they want.


Program Deliverables:

  • Prescription for leadership improvement in Vision, Communication and Execution.
  • Written departmental vision, with ownership approval.
  • Personal time management system which improves:
    • Context changing, daily focus and staying on task
    • Daily planning and prioritization
    • Time blocking and calendaring
  • Written departmental SMART goals, with owner approval.
  • A written plan to achieve their goals, with owner approval.
  • A system, process, and forms for planning.
  • A system and process for team alignment.
  • A system for leaders to hold leaders and team members accountable.
  • Role based accountability blue print which will provide
    • Clarity of responsibilities
    • Chain of command
    • Accountability
  • Participant will be able to describe themselves as a leader and their typical behavior.
  • Participant will understand how they relate to and work with other people.
  • Individual scoreboard and scorecard.
  • The Balanced Leadership Coaching System for Leveling Up.
  • An unbiased assessment of leadership skills and potential.


Expected Results:

  • Dramatic improvement in prioritization, effectiveness and productivity, 
  • Elevated focus on high payoff activities with a greater understanding of delegation,
  • Greater clarity about themselves, their role as a leader, how they can improve as a leader and how to communicate with others. 
  • Greater understanding of how to lead a high functioning team, 
  • Clear direction, SMART goals and a plan that is in alignment with upper management, 
  • Relationships with a group of leaders they have come to know, and who could become outside resources to help them continue to develop long after this program has ended.



a)    Participants must attend all 8 sessions, do all homework assigned between sessions, and participate in off week coaching calls.
b)    Ownership agrees to meet with program coach face to face for 60 to 90 minutes half way through the program to discuss progress, and with both the coach and participant immediately following the completion of the program.
c)    Ownership agrees to plan for bi-weekly review and feedback meetings with participants and direct management of lesson material.