Consulting vs Coaching

Do it for you.
Give you the answers.
Are brought in for a specific narrowly focused project.
Focused on solving the problem.
Extensive knowledge in a specific field or on a specific topic.
Lend expertise in areas not currently employed.
Supplement existing staff.
Retained until goal or obligation is met.
Provides advice.
Makes recommendations.
Works by the hour or by the project.
Plays IN the game.


Help you to learn how to do it.
Gives you the questions to be asking.
Are brought in for their broad perspective and strategic analysis.
Focused on pushing to achieve optimum performance.
Broad knowledge in many areas and on many topics.
Holds you accountable.
Provides support when you are exhausted.
May be retained for life.
Teaches you to execute plays the competition does not anticipate.
Makes you more successful.
Helps motivate you to become who you need to in order to succeed.
Works for you 24 hours per day.
Cannot play IN the game.

Not that one is better than the other.  We offer both, and both are valuable in their own way. This list allows for a way to compare both and consider the results you are looking to achieve.


Marc Dion