Increase Repeat Business


Strategies to Increase Repeat Business

How much easier is it to sell to someone who has purchased from you before than to attract someone new to buy from you?  If you’ve done a decent job providing an equitable exchange in value, then most likely they are willing to buy from you again.  Hopefully, they already know, like and trust you.  Compare that to trying to get someone you’ve never met to know, like and trust you. 

Here are some strategies to increase repeat business from new and existing customers.  Take some time to consider how you can apply these strategies in your business.  If you get stuck, ask us for some help.  We love helping businesses increase their sales.


Sell more consumables

One sure fire way to increase repeat business is to sell consumables.  The absolute best market strategy is to have a consumable that your customer is locked into like cable television or internet access.  Some consumables are products like a refillable drink container or ink cartridges.  It’s a bit harder to identify a consumable for services, but you might consider a service contract or maintenance agreement.


Book their next appointment now

Have you ever been to a doctor, dentist or chiropractors’ office and had them ask you to book your next visit as you check-out?  This is another good strategy for increasing repeat business.  What if your mechanic did this, or your tax accountant?  What about a movie theater?  Could it be done?  Experiment, see what you can do. 

A similar strategy is to help your customer plan future purchases now.  While you may be installing replacement windows, talk with them about what other future plans they have.  If you’re working with an existing customer, help them think further into the future about what their needs might be.  One good way is to ask “what’s your vision for …? “  Fill in the blank.


Create a membership or VIP program

Membership has its privileges.  Remember this?  Being a member or having a VIP program can increase loyalty which in turn creates repeat business.  Another good option is to create a frequent buyer program or multiple purchase cards. 


Inform former customers of all that you offer or do

Do your current and past customers really know all of the products or services you offer?  Probably not.  Again, because they know, like and trust you they are more likely to buy from you, but you have to let them know all the things you offer.  You could hold an informational or promotional event and invite former customers.  How else could you let them know all you offer?  If you believe your customers know all that you do, than perhaps you don’t offer enough options.  Increase your product or service offering so you can go back to them again.


Make an offer on their next purchase

Identify and target likely repeaters. Perhaps offer them a free trial of another product or service.  Offer incentives or rebates.  Perhaps offer a product of the week. Accept trade-ins or trade-ups. Identify or target likely repeaters.  What other offers could you make?


Follow up after purchase

Business is built on relationships.  Keep in regular contact with former customers.  One way to do that is to publish interesting content (newsletter, social media...) and send it to them.  You could create a calendar of your communication plan for keeping in contact with former customers.  And make an offer in the newsletter.


Train your team

Train all of your team members, associates and employees to think like you do.  Help them understand the value of a customer and the cost of getting new ones.  Help them realize that every interaction is a chance to help a past customer buy again.  What you learn first, you learn best and lasts the longest.  Because of this, let’s make sure customers are getting a great first, second and fifth impression.


Ask former customers to come back

Do you keep your database of past customer current?  Do you have an annual process to update their information?  When was the last time you contacted former customers to ask them to come back?  You might ask a former customer for feedback on their experience or a review. These things help keep you top of mind, give you a chance to reinforce the relationship and ask what else they are planning.