Living Life to the Full

Here’s a rant for your consideration as you venture into new pastures and forge a new vision.  I hope you find peace in your soul my brother, for little else matters than that.


I believe that the root of evil is doubt.  If you read Genesis 3:1 again – the serpent said “  "Did God really say, 'You must not eat from any tree in the garden'?".  Here he introduced doubt in the mind of Eve.  The first act of evil.

Next, I believe evil is also rooted in temptation.  "For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil."  Gen 3:5  Tempting Eve with bright shiny stuff.


The cost of doubt and temptation is death.  And a worse fear than death is judgment, for God will judge after death.  The battle for our souls is fought with doubt and judgment.  Have faith my brother and fight the seeds of doubt and judgment that will inevitably cloak you during this time of trial.


“Mercy triumphs over judgment” - James 2:13

The only way to have mercy is to grant it to yourself.  Judgment and mercy are both decided in your own mind.  Judgment is a conversation in your own head based on what you see, hear and believe.  What are you telling yourself about yourself?  Mercy is forgiveness of yourself for being human and being flawed.  Again, a conversation with yourself, about yourself.  Have mercy on yourself.


“Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear.” – President Snow, The Hunger Games.  Hope and fear are both images of your mind.  Hope is created through your imagination or vision of a positive future.  Fear is your imagination or vision of a negative future.  You can choose which vision captures your attention.


Happiness is created through purpose.  By knowing and living your purpose, one can be happy or have life to the full starting today.  Living your purpose is also living the life of love that God commanded.  If you live your life on purpose for the purpose he built you for, then you live life to the full and full of love and happiness.


Your plate has been cleared.  The choice is yours.  Doubt and temptation?  Happiness and Hope?  Mercy and Love.


Have mercy on yourself and the others for they no not what they do.  Live your purpose daily which provide happiness and love to you and others.  Craft a new vision of hope for yourself where you conquer your fear free of judgment.


I love you brother.  The Lord is with you.  While our paths are not clear to us, they are to him.  I look forward to seeing what else he has in store for you.


Marc DionComment