The Power of Vision


In the beginning there was one owner and life was good.
The business worked without problems and the owner flourished.
Then the owner brought on employees.
These employees had inherent motives which were core to their being and conflicted with the owners.
These motives caused stress and grief to the owner so he made rules and consequences by which to motivate the employees.
But that didn't work.

Then the owner brought on a new employee.
He was without inherent motives and set out a new command.  A new vision.
The vision was powerful and attractive.
He asked the employees to look at their own hearts and assess whether the company vision matched theirs.
For those who it matched, they followed and became whole again.
In addition to the vision, there was now only one rule.
"If it affects someone, get them involved."

Those who sought the vision and followed the rule were rewarded and their numbers grew daily.
They grew strong and prospered.

Marc DionComment